Steel Belt Conveyor

RING SUN MACHINERY manufacures Steel Belt Conveyor RSCW Series with High Efficiency of Removing Tiny Chips. Steel Belt Conveyor can improve chip removal and increase production versatility. Custom Conveyor can save production space. Suitable Chip Types: Non-Curly Chip, Curly Iron Chip, Foundry Chip.

Metal stamping

ING YU will keep the spirit of creating the value for customers in mind and developing progressive stamping equipment to meet customer’s requirement. Moreover, expand more service bases in the world; enhance the cooperative relationship with customers. To be different, keep walking and hand in hand with the world.

Magnetic Tools

Gin Chan mainly produce precisoin machinery accessories as well as mold components to fulfill customers’ needs.Quality Certificate obtained in 2003 with implement of full range of inspection instruments, customers are impressed with our fine and steady performance.