7 gifts moms actually want for Mother’s Day

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As a mom of teenagers, here’s what I want for Mother’s Day (besides wine)
The truth is, Mother’s Day as a “holiday” lacks something. What is it? Oh right, the “holiday” for moms themselves.
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Don’t panic! 7 last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that pack a sentimental punch
From Lokai bracelets to DIY mugs, we’ve rounded up our favorite sentimental Mother’s Day gifts to thank Mom … even at the last minute!
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The 1 must-try pattern for spring and summer — and how to wear it!
Lilliana Vazquez shares how to wear one of the hottest patterns of the season. From tops to skirts to accessories, she has lots of ideas.
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That amazing Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon for Mother’s Day? It’s fake
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HGTV ‘Home Town’ stars share DIY decorating projects for spring
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How to clean hardwood floors 101
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