Hate packing? This will help!

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4 smart tricks that will make packing a snap
Packing can feel overwhelming. Make the process easier with these clever tricks.
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Packing is the worst. If there’s one thing all Americans can all agree on, it’s that. And while I can’t promise that you’ll ever love packing, these fun, practical tips can certainly help. (I especially appreciate that earrings trick – maybe I’ll actually keep a pair intact this time!)

The only acceptable part of packing is thinking about going somewhere great. Perhaps it’s a family vacation or a big event, like a wedding. Either way, those special occasions call for a special outfit to go with them. I’m sure that’s what TODAY favorite Chrissy Metz had in mind when she picked out this red-hot dress for the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Why people felt the need to weigh in and share mean-spirited comments is beyond me, but her classy response made me love her even more.

“For the record, I wear what I want, when I want. News flash it’s MY body. #thankstho,” she wrote on Twitter.

It might just be my new mantra.

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