‘Hollywood Medium’ shares warning he gave Alan Thicke before star’s death

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‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry talks reading with Alan Thicke before star’s death
Tyler Henry sat down with the actor just months before his death and told the 69-year-old that he should have his heart checked.
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New trailer for ‘Love Actually’ sequel released: See a preview!
A new trailer is out for the “Love Actually’ sequel revealing a glimpse at what the characters, including Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, could be up to now.
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Meet the 14-year-old quantum physics whiz who’s already graduating college
Carson Huey-You is only 14 years old but he will become Texas Christian University’s youngest graduate on Saturday. NBC’s Jacob Rascon reports for TODAY on the teen’s extraordinary academic story and his promising future.
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‘Westwood to LAX in 5 mins': Elon Musk releases video of traffic-alleviating tunnel project
Tech mogul Elon Musk shared a video on Instagram of a test run simulating his vision for a traffic-alleviating tunnel project. The new venture could transport cars at 125 miles per hour.
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Australian senator makes history by breastfeeding daughter in Parliament
Larissa Waters, the co-deputy leader for the Australian Green Party, was breastfeeding her baby in her office when she was called to the floor for a vote, reportedly making it the first time a baby was breastfed in federal Parliament. The internet promptly responded with praise for the senator.
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See Melissa McCarthy ride a podium down NYC streets dressed as Sean Spicer
Teasing her sixth time hosting “Saturday Night Live,” actress Melissa McCarthy was seen in full character as White House press secretary Sean Spicer rolling down the streets of New York City.
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See the incredible latte designs by an artistic barista
A barista in South Korea is taking latte designs to a whole new level by creating miniature works of art in coffee mugs, which he calls “creamart.” See his versions of “Beauty and the Beast” and “E.T.”
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Shock jock Howard Stern takes first-ever day off from radio show
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Halle Berry and kids say goodbye to 16-year-old cat, who ‘lit up our lives’
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‘Cyber apocalypse’ affects hospitals and businesses in nearly 100 countries
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