John Legend is turning his tour into a family vacation — See the cute pic

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#LunasFirstTour: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen hit the road, baby Luna in tow
It’s #LunasFirstTour, and we want to come.
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To the mothers with an aching heart, on Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is not always an easy holiday for women who are struggling with infertility, have experienced miscarriages or have lost a child. TODAY Parenting Team contributor Lexi Behrndt teamed up with other mothers who have gone through losses to send a message of support on Mother’s Day.
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Meet Anna Jarvis, the founder — and fighter — of Mother’s Day
Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day to honor her mother, then spent the rest of her life fighting the holiday’s exploitation. She died alone in an asylum.
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Justin Trudeau takes son to work, melting hearts everywhere
The youngest of the Canadian prime minister’s three children came to Parliament earlier this week, and resulting photos are adorable.
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Highs and Lows: Bear wants brownies, lightning-fast inventory, strong baby
Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist and Dylan Dreyer run through the Highs and Lows of the week, including a boy getting Vice President Mike Pence to apologize to him for bumping him in the face, the bear that really wanted to try a woman’s homemade brownies in Connecticut, the man with lightning-fast fingers taking inventory and the supe strong 10-month-old baby showing off his muscles.
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Mother and son reunite after nearly 30 years thanks to DNA test
After nearly three decades apart, a man is getting to spend Mother’s Day with the mom he never knew, and it’s thanks to modern technology and an at-home DNA test. NBC’s Tammy Leitner reports for Sunday TODAY.
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talks Trump’s tweets, favorite follow, tackling trolls
In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, Willie Geist joins Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, at their offices in New York City. The tech titan talks about the idea behind the platform, how he feels about President Donald Trump using their service and what about Steve Jobs and punk rock that inspires him. Dorsey also admits that the company was “slow to address the problem” with trolls and harassment, but says workers are tackling the problem.
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White House interviews 8 people to replace James Comey as FBI head
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Man gets parasite infection after eating sushi
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Is free speech dying on college campuses?
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