The ‘Will & Grace’ reboot trailer is here — and it’s perfect

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1st full ‘Will & Grace’ trailer has us singing and dancing with the show’s cast
If you ever longed to see Will, Grace, Jack and Karen break into song again, you’re in luck!
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Zac Brown Band brings ‘Homegrown’ hits to the TODAY plaza
Just days after Zac Brown Band released their brand new album, “Welcome Home,” we’re welcoming the country hit makers to the TODAY plaza.
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16-year-old boy dies after arrhythmia from caffeine overdose
Two hours before his death he had a large diet Mountain Dew, McDonald’s cafe latte and an energy drink.
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McDonald’s criticized for ad involving a boy, his dead father and a Filet-O-Fish
McDonald’s U.K. has apologized after being criticized for a new commercial involving a boy grieving the loss of his father and eating a Filet-O-Fish.
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Millionaire’s secret to buying your 1st home? Skip the coffee and avocado toast
Real estate tycoon Tim Gurner recently dished out some controversial advice — involving avocado toast and coffee.
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Oh, jolly day! Pop-Tarts introduces new Jolly Rancher flavors
Kellogg’s has confirmed it is launching a limited-edition range of Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tarts.
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What is it like to be a millennial? Tell TODAY!
What is it really like to be a millennial in 2017?
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Delta testing luggage kiosk with facial recognition technology
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Bill Gates told new grads to read this book, and now it’s flying off shelves
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Watch Britney Spears’ sons pull hilarious prank on mom
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