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Best meditation apps to help you de-stress, focus and fight insomnia
With guided meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxing music, these mindfulness meditation apps can teach you how to relieve stress and stress management.
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30 of the greatest children’s books of the past 100 years
From “The Velveteen Rabbit” to Judy Blume’s oeuvre, everybody has a favorite book from childhood. Did yours make our final cut?
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The ladies’ romper now has a male equivalent: The RompHim
The RompHim leverages the laid-back cool of a romper without the logistical issues we ladies know all too well.
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What is it like to be a millennial? Tell TODAY!
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See the blow dryer that weighs less than 1 pound (and has a Ferrari engine)
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Backyard Barbecue with Al: Nominate your dad for a great Father’s Day surprise
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