Chicken and potato filled foil packets are a quick dinner for busy weeknights

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Foil Packet Spice Rubbed Chicken and Potatoes
Make dinner delicious and easy with foil packet chicken and potatoes.
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Shake Shack reveals the recipes for its famous burgers, fries and shakes
Skip the line! Shake Shack is sharing the secrets to their super popular ShackBurger, chocolate shakes and crinkle cut fries.
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TODAY’s Ultimate Cook-Off: Braised short ribs vs. pineapple chicken and broccoli
In TODAY’s Ultimate Cook-Off series, finalists go head-to-head with their best entree recipes.
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Trader Joe’s has a new cauliflower pizza crust and we’re obsessed
Could this be Trader Joe’s next big product? Judging from people’s excitement, we predict yes.
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Apple invented a box that keeps pizza from getting soggy
The company that brought us the most addictive phone on the planet is taking a stab at reinventing the pizza box and filed a patent for it.
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Introducing the Chickle: The chicken-stuffed pickle you never asked for
It’s a salty, sweet, hot combo meant to blow our minds.
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Use this simple trick to keep your ice coffee cold — without making it watery
Frozen coffee and creamer cubes are the key to the perfect iced coffee.
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What’s America’s favorite burger chain? Hint: It’s not In-N-Out anymore
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Shake Shack cookbook: Make their famous burgers at home!
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Pineapple Chicken with Broccoli
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