13 home brands you need to know now (that aren’t Ikea)

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13 home brands you need to know now (that aren’t Ikea)
These stores offer stylish storage and organization solutions for every room in the house.
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How to give old candle jars new life with 1 easy trick
Don’t the that flame flicker off forever! There are so many stylish ways to upcycle that candle jar with just a bit of ingenuity.
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Consumer Reports reveals best sunscreens to buy in 2017
Before you stock up on new sunscreen, read these recommendations.
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Joy Bauer shares her tips on how to build a better smoothie
Joy Bauer not only shows you how to build a better smoothie but also shares her creamy, delicious recipes.
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Turns out, sleeping with a stuffed animal as a child can impact you as an adult
Recently, Best Mattress Brand surveyed over 2,000 Americans about their past sleeping habits and how they impact their lives today.
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Man reveals birth of son, death of partner with heartbreak, hope: ‘He’s her legacy’
Jean Luc Montou welcomed his first son on May 9, then watched his partner, Sarah Bertrand, die suddenly at the hospital just 24 hours later.
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Parents warned about the ‘choking game’ after teen’s death
A child in a New Jersey school has died as a result of the ‘choking game’.
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Michael Douglas gives Kathie Lee a personal tour of Bermuda
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An invitation to the principal who thinks my daughter is dressed inappropriately
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Why this woman spent 4 years making a dress out of Starburst wrappers
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