Watch Alfonso Ribeiro’s hilarious ’90s dance-off in a 30 Rock elevator

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Up for Anything! See Alfonso Ribeiro’s unforgettable ride in a 30 Rock elevator
When the former “Fresh Prince” star recently stepped inside the elevator at NBC, he was in for a few surprises.
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Ivanka Trump shares sweet video of her baby boy’s first steps
The daughter and adviser to President Trump posted a video on social media of her 1-year-old son taking his first steps.
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Man reveals birth of son, death of partner with heartbreak, hope: ‘He’s her legacy’
Jean Luc Montou welcomed his first son on May 9, then watched his partner, Sarah Bertrand, die suddenly at the hospital just 24 hours later.
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Iconic R&B singer Mary J. Blige turns up the heat on the TODAY plaza
The multi-platinum singer and actress sent everyone off into the weekend with a powerful, sultry performance!
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Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free frozen coffee today
Here’s how to get your free sample today
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Michael Douglas tells Kathie Lee and Hoda why he loves Bermuda
Bermuda is very close to Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas’ heart: “I had my first birthday here in 1945,” he tells Kathie Lee and Hoda. He also reveals two of his favorite roles: in “The American President” and the offbeat thriller “The Game.”
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Dog, cruelly thrown into fire pit, still wags his tail: ‘He’s a happy guy’
Polo the dog was horribly burned after being thrown into a fire pit. But despite his hardships, he’s still full of love and affection.
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Video shows driver slamming through Times Square pedestrians: 1 dead, 22 injured
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Watch the moment Mark Zuckerberg received his Harvard acceptance letter in 2002
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Here’s why Bermuda’s beautiful beaches are pink
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