Julia Roberts offers her pal George Clooney advice about parenting twins

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Julia Roberts offers her pal George Clooney advice about parenting twins
The beloved Hollywood actress is the latest in a long line of Hollywood parents offering tips to the dad-to-be.
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Dutch king reveals he’s been quietly moonlighting as an airline pilot for two decades
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands revealed the “hobby” that has had passengers unwittingly in the presence of royalty for 21 years.
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‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ couples: Where are they now?
Here’s a look at what happened to the all of the couples from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”
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Harry Styles and James Corden get emotional — ‘in a cool way’ — in Carpool Karaoke
In between songs, they shared a few laughs as they swapped shirts and fashion hot-takes, but it wasn’t long before their sentimental sides came out.
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Iconic R&B singer Mary J. Blige turns up the heat on the TODAY plaza
The multi-platinum singer and actress sent everyone off into the weekend with a powerful, sultry performance!
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All grown up! Photographer Anne Geddes revisits iconic baby photos
After three decades of creating iconic photographs of newborn babies, Anne Geddes is looking back on some of her favorites.
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Ariel Winter steps up her look with a fiery new ‘do — see her new hair color
Ariel Winter bid farewell to her signature dark locks as she stepped out with a red lob.
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Jessica Simpson on what makes her a better fashion designer: ‘I have been every size’
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Michael Douglas tells Kathie Lee and Hoda why he loves Bermuda
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Serena Williams is truly serene in new pregnancy photos
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