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Cannes Film Festival red carpet: See the best-dressed stars
The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival opened Wednesday and, of course, the fashion statements were as gorgeous as the French Riviera views.
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Is there anything quite as fabulous as the Cannes Film Festival? That’s a hypothetical question, of course, because the answer is a resounding and absolute N-O.

Sundance may have a cute, snow bunny vibe, Tribeca may have the cool of New York City, but nothing can beat that incredible red carpet along the French Riviera. This year, stars are stepping up to the challenge by wearing everything from edgy ball gowns to sexy slip dresses. Bravo!

Speaking of stars we love, Julianne Hough of “Dancing with the Stars” fame opened up to TODAY Style about her insecurities and “saddlebags.” I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that anyone as beautiful, talented and lovely as Hough would have insecurities – but she’s human, too!

And when it comes to body positivity and style, everyone is included.

Julianne Hough: Why I love my legs that I used to call ‘saddlebags’
“Dancing with the Stars” judge Julianne Hough opens up about learning to love her legs and finding body confidence in the spotlight.
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The ladies’ romper now has a male equivalent: The RompHim
The RompHim leverages the laid-back cool of a romper without the logistical issues we ladies know all too well.
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How to give old candle jars new life with 1 easy trick
Don’t the that flame flicker off forever! There are so many stylish ways to upcycle that candle jar with just a bit of ingenuity.
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25 healthy hair products top stylists swear by
Here, 25 top hair stylists share their must-have healthy hair products to have luscious, shiny locks.
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This retro shoe style is back — and we couldn’t be happier!
Mules have become the most sought-after footwear silhouette of the season.
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